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Is there such thing as a good deed?

2 May

Any hardcore ‘Friends’ fan will remember the episode where Phoebe and Joey discuss how no good deed is selfless. (here’s a reminder)

I recently saw this projectabout creating sign-boards that are useful for the local people after the campaign is finished.

Personally, I think it’s a fantastic way to combat the vacuous image that advertising has gained as well as further pushing the brand image and allowing an OOH advertisement based in Thailand to reach the eyes and ears of people all over the world, clever?

Maybe not. I’m sure the brains behind the campaign would argue that it was completely well intentioned and any extra visibility was merely an extraneous bonus that accompanied the good deed, but was it the other way around?

Appearing to the world as a charitable organisation is a great way to receive charity in the form of people choosing your brand over someone else’s. I had never heard of HomePro before today, but now I am aware and have now blogged and spoken about it creating further visibility for them. All of a sudden the charity project becomes much more of a marketing ploy that has some positive repercussions in the local community – so should they pass it off as charity or be honest about what the focus of their campaign is? I think we all know the answer to that.

That being said, what HomePro are doing is fantastic and I admire their work as both an aspiring marketer and a member of planet earth, so good on them and I hope they have many more marketing/charity projects in the future!