Some more information …

So I thought I’d use this to give you a bit more information about me (I’m not sure why you would want to know this … but here goes)

I am a 21 year old marketing student currently on a placement year with IBM where I focus on Product Management and Marketing, however as this isn’t LinkedIn, I’ll try and give you some different information, I grew up in South Birmingham, England and always had a keen interest in sports and the cinema (as an industry not just going to see films)

For a long time I wanted to be an actor, or at least something in the ‘arts’ which led me to getting two short poems published in a compilation book – something I am still very proud of. However, as time passed by and I realised I had a face for radio and a voice for silent movies – I had to put my dreams of being an actor behind me.

This was soon taken over by sports – all sports. I find the effect that sports has on people fascinating and the passion that exudes from something so simple and abstract from reality even more mind-boggling. I think in some ways this contributed to my growing interest in business and for marketing – where it seemed as though every business was vying to get the kind of loyalty that even the smallest of football teams can boast.

This led me through my A-levels and into university where I’ve been trying to find out exactly where I’ll fit in the big wide marketing world and what I can bring to it once I’ve managed to find my area.

I’m a confident chap and I do believe I can make it in the business world and be successful at what I apply myself to; By no means am I there yet, or even close for that matter, but I’m definitely heading in the right direction!


This blog is I guess to increase my social presence but I’m also looking forward to reigniting my interest in writing by combining it with my other passions in life!



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