From being morally questioned, to doing the moral questioning – The Coca Cola Story …

31 May

First of all, please do watch this and then watch this …

I think the way to compare these two is … Genuine Emotional Impact vs. TV Emotional Impact.

So why would they be showing the ‘Share a coke’ campaign on UK television over the ‘Small World Machines’ campaign?

The answer to this could also be a damning condemnation of UK society in that even Coca Cola (not traditionally the most socially responsible company) doesn’t think that we Brits will appreciate what they are doing in this situation … do they feel that we aren’t capable of seeing something happen in two distant countries and getting emotional insight from it?  When they chose the ‘Share a coke campaign’ did they weigh up the choice between these two and deduct that we wouldn’t enjoy that? The answer is probably yes … and  that frustrates me because the ‘Small World Machines’ campaign is a beautiful thing and so many people are missing out.

So are Coca Cola right, have  become such a self-involved group that we wouldn’t fully appreciate it and we would question how that relates to us?

No. (although it’s taken me a week or so to get to that answer)

In my own personal quest to prove that this wouldn’t be lost on the people of Britain,I showed it to as many people as I could – which I admit isn’t many. Every single person spoke about how awesome it is, and even more impressive still that it actually changed their opinion on Coca Cola as a company – nobody knew that they even slightly cared about problems in this world.

‘Share a coke’ seems like an obvious ploy to Share a coke – a.k.a buy another one – whereas the ‘Small World Machines’ is just about saying “look, we know we don’t have the best reputation – probably because we try and say that a 500ml bottle of coke is actually 2 portions of 250ml which obviously nobody will adhere to and therefore consumer about 65% of the GDA of sugar in one sitting – but we’re trying to make a difference’

And that’s why it worries me so much that we’ve been left out of this experience and that in a board room somewhere – it was decided that the UK public would respond more to a gimmicky, vacuous (although admittedly different) advertising campaign over something sensitive and much less brash!

But Coca Cola, if you’re listening … next time you do something awesome, please let us know!

Also – I’m not sharing my coke with anyone, have you seen how much a can costs at my canteen at work?! They can buy their own!!


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